Valuation of intangible assets



In this 21st century global market, intangible assets, such as Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property assets, have become in many cases the most valuable asset in the equity of companies. This is clearly evidenced by mergers and the acquisitions of companies, in which trademarks and/or patents play a key role.

Intellectual and Intellectual Property rights may be subject of any legal transaction (sale, grant, license, non-monetary contribution to a society, wills, etc.) and therefore, they need to be valued economically and in a specific way, since their value depends on unique characteristics, not only taking into account economic criteria, but also important aspects related to the legal status and soundness of the right concerned.

UNGRIA has been a pioneer in Spain in the valuation of intangible assets, a fact attested to by the proven experience of our professionals in this field.



UNGRIA allows our clients, using their username and password, to access to information on all of their files under our control, along with their current status, in addition to the current status of any oppositions they have lodged against third parties. The section also provides access to UNGRIA's exclusive research, enabling clients to search for registered or pending trademarks that are identical or similar to their target search. They can also consult the various types of procedures that can be carried out through our website, always under the control and supervision of our firm´s professionals.



UNGRIA guarantees our clients technical and legal representation and assistance in Spain, Europe, Latin America and all over the world. We have a team of highly qualified professionals with a proven experience in the Intellectual Property sector and a wide network of own offices in Spain, USA and in Latin America to favor the communication between our experts and clients, allowing us to design consistent protection strategies and scenarios.