LEBANON: New Requirement for Powers of Attorney.


New Multilingual Interface for ePCT:

WIPO launched the multilingual interface of ePCT, marking a major expansion of its global gateway for online filing and management of international patent applications.   read more 


New Requirement for Powers of Attorney.

The Lebanese Ministry of Economy & Trade recently issued new a memorandum requiring that all powers of attorney of foreign applicants must be legalized by the Lebanese Consulate abroad.  read more 


Increase in Official Fees:

On 29 May 2015, the announced increase in Official Fees comes into effect. Pursuant to Ministerial Resolution no. 9 of 2015, the official fees for trademark matters have doubled almost across the board in comparison with their current level.   read more 


New guidelines on application of the Anti-Monopoly Law to intellectual property rights.

China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce finally has released its guidelines on the application of the PRC Anti-Monopoly Law ("AML") to intellectual property rights ("Guidelines").   read more 


On March 16, 2015, the INPI published in the Official Gazette the draft guidelines for patentable subject matter and patentability requirements for substantive examination:

The draft rules on patentable subject matter, patentability requirements and their examination by the INPI per se, with specific provisions in relation to novelty,   read more 


Developments in IP legal issues

The IP legal framework was amended on 7 April 2015, coming into effect on 20 April 2015.   read more 


Changes on the payment of patent annuity fees:

The Qatar IP Office stated that annuity fees must be paid along with the filing fees for all new PCT patent applications. Annuities shall be calculated as of the International filing date and not the actual filing date in Qatar.   read more 


Increase in Official Fees:

On May 5, 2015, the Venezuelan PTO published the new increased fees for all IP matters in Venezuela.   read more 


Deferment of substantive examination:

As of April 1st, 2015, the TIPO accepts requests for deferment of substantive examination of an invention patent application at the same time of requesting such examination or thereafter but, in any case, within 3 years of the application filing   read more 


Memorandum to promote Trademark registration cooperation:

On 18 May 2015, China and Singapore signed a Memorandum of Understanding on trade mark cooperation enhancing exchanges on trade mark registration, examination practices, protection and enforcement.   read more 


New Trade Marks Act and a last chance to file UK-based applications.

A new Trade Marks Act comes into force on 1 September 2015. Among other things, a new scale of official fees will be introduced   read more 


Patent Prosecution Highway.

Egypt and Japan began a two-year PPH agreement pursuant to which applications accepted to be granted in Japan may be subject to an accelerated examination in Egypt if the applicants request it.   read more 


Patent Prosecution Highway program.

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOP) and the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) have started a 2 year pilot Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) program.   read more 


Signature of Free Trade Agreement:

The Governments of Australia and China signed on June 17th, 2015, signed a Free Trade agreement with a number of IP implications.   read more 


PCT - Amendments for restoring the right of priority.

Effective July 1st, 2015, a requirement has been introduced, for applicants making an express request for early national phase entry, to file any request for the restoration of the right of priority at the designated or elected Office...  read more 


Memorandum of understanding for patent cooperation in PPH.

Under the PPH Program, if one of the claims of an invention application is determined to be allowable in either Patent Office,   read more 


Guidelines for Cooperation on the Deposit of Biological Materials in Relation to Patent Procedure.

Japan and Taiwan agreed on a Cooperative Program which serves the purpose of saving patent applicants - redundant efforts to deposit multiple duplicates of the biological materials, or microorganisms,   read more 


Intellectual Property Office of Singapore to Begin Operating as ISA, SISA and IPEA:

Following the appointment, at the 46th session of the Assembly of the PCT Union which was held in September 2014, of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) as International Searching Authority (ISA) and International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA) under the PCT   read more 


PATENT PROSECUTION HIGHWAY: More Offices join the Global PPH pilot:

On 6 July 2015, the Estonian Patent Office and the German Patent and Trade Mark Office joined the Global PPH (GPPH), bringing the number of Offices that have signed up to the pilot to 21. It is recalled that under this pilot, it is possible for a request for accelerated processing to be made at any participating office based on work products   read more 


Increased official fees.

The Argentine Patent and Trademark Office has increased the official fees. A first increase will become effective on August 8, 2015, while a second increase is scheduled to become effective on October 1, 2015. Here follows a list of the current and future official charges for the main items. Kindly note that the specific amounts may vary depending on the actual rate of exchange  read more 


EPO announces Top 4 fee schedule for unitary patents.

The EPO has now answered this question with an announcement on 24 June 2015 that unitary patent renewal fees will be set using the so-called 'Top 4' fee schedule, which will be reviewed in four years' time.   read more