MEXICO: IMPI´s measures regarding COVID-19 outbreak


IMPI´s measures regarding COVID-19 outbreak

In attention to the evolving situation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property (IMPI) has issued an official communication establishing the suspension of all deadlines as from March 24th until April 19th, 2020. Therefore, all deadlines expiring within this period are passed to the first business day, that is April 20th, 2020.

Similarly, the Federal Court for Administrative Affairs, in line with the Agreement 4/2020 of the Council of Federal Judicature, has suspended activities and procedural deadlines from March 18th to April 19th, 2020.

Despite the suspension of deadlines, the Mexican PTO is working and UNGRIA Mexico remains open and fully operating for business as usual to serve your legal needs.

We will continue to inform you about any developments that may occur.  read more