BRAZIL: The Brazilian PTO strengthens its position against ANVISA's issuance of opinions.


The Brazilian PTO strengthens its position against ANVISA's issuance of opinions.

The Brazilian PTO strengthens its position against ANVISA's issuance of opinions regarding patentability of applications related to pharmaceutical inventions. Within the frame of a litigation raised by a pharmaceutical company against ANVISA, the Brazilian Patent Office has filed an opinion regarding the role that ANVISA is adopting in the examination of patent applications.   read more 


Obligation to pay Examination Fees after every amendment of the claims or spec.

Some important changes recently imposed by the Colombian Patent Office, effective immediately, will impact the procedure of patent applications. The Colombian Patent Office has issued Resolution No.3719 dated February 2, 2016, by means of which it has regulated, (i) divisional and conversion of patent applications (a complete information will follow shortly as the changes need to be further explained) and (ii) the examination of patent applications in process.  read more 


Approval of Accession to the Trademark Law Treaty and Regulations, signed in Geneva on 1994.

Guatemala has approved the accession to the Trademark Law Treaty (TLT) (1994), administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization which will enter into force on March 31, 2016. The accession is aimed at simplifying the filing of applications and expediting the registration of trademarks.   read more 


Implementation of new trademark opposition system.

On April 28th, the Mexican Industrial Property Law was amended to implement the new trademark opposition system which was approved at the end of 2015.   read more 


Uruguayan Patent Office is expected a ratification of interest in patent applications.

Based on a resolution issued early this year, the Uruguayan Patent Office is expected to request holders of patent applications filed before 2010 to ratify if they are still interested in pursuing their patent applications.   read more 


More convenient current exchange rate.

After increasing substantially the official fees, the Venezuelan Government has now approved a new official currency exchange rate with the US Dollar. As a result of that, the official fees to be paid may enjoy a more convenient exchange, so that payments are decreased.   read more 


Pending enlarged board of appeal decision on partial priority.

In case G1/15, the EPO's Enlarged Board of Appeal is considering the question of whether a patent publication can be cited as prior art against a second application which derives from the same parent.  read more 


Trade Secrets.

The European Parliament voted in favor of the Trade Secrets Directive on April. The Directive pretends to harmonize trade secrets laws across Europe, defying what constitutes trade secret and providing remedies for misappropriation.  read more 


PATENTS - Decision to suspend the acceptance of applications. TRADEMARKS - Changes in the prosecution of trademarks.

Pursuant to an unexpected decision, and shortly after Kuwait's Council of Ministers voted and published on March 27, 2016 a new law, Law no. 11/2016, which paves the way for the country's accession to the PCT, the Kuwaiti Patent Office has decided to stop accepting patent applications.   read more 


Law approving European Patent Validation.

Following the agreement between the EPO and the Tunisian Patent Office, European Patent Validation Law will enter into force in Tunisia once the implementing regulations are issued.   read more 


Announcement to introduce new measures to facilitate the prosecution of Trademarks.

On March 24th, the Chinese Trademark Office announced the introduction of new measures to facilitate the prosecution of trademarks.   read more 


New guidelines for Computer-related inventions

On February 19th, the Indian Patent Office amended its guidelines to provide clarity for patent examiners and practitioners on patenting computer-related inventions (CRIs).   read more 


New trademark rules are expected.

The new trademark rules have been published for "Public Comments". These changes bring significant Amendments to current Trademark Rules.   read more 


Stay on the abandonment of trademark applications and oppositions.

On March 29th, 2016 the Indian Trademark Registry surprisingly decided to abandon approximately 200,000 applications and 20,000 oppositions.   read more 


Issuance of the implementing regulation for recording license agreements.

Current applicable Law in Indonesia requires that all license agreements regarding IP rights (copyright and related rights, patents, marks, industrial design, integrated-circuit layout design, and trade secrets) are registered for recordation at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.  read more 


Paris Route applications can be filed in any language / Examination handbook for Product-by-process claims.

As of April 1st, Paris route applications filed in Japan can be filed in any language and then, within 16 months of the priority date, file the Japanese translation.   read more 


License agreements need to be registered locally.

The Lao People's Democratic Republic has notified that the recording of licenses in the International Register of the WIPO shall have no effect in the Lao People's Democratic Republic.  read more 


Amendment of the patent and trademark laws.

As of June 30th, some relevant amendments in the Korean Patent Act will enter into effect. Among others, (i) any interested party can file a cancellation action against a patent application, (ii) the time frame to request examination for patents filed after March 1st, 2017, will be shortened to 3 years from the filing date and (iii) the burden of proof in patent infringement actions will be switched to the alleged infringer, in case they do not produce relevant material or information if requested by the Court.   read more 


The Taiwan-Korea Electronic Exchange of Priority Documents (PDX) Program launched on January 1, 2016.

Under the PDX program, an applicant who first files an invention or utility model patent application with the TIPO and who subsequently files an application with the KIPO claiming priority of the earlier Taiwan patent application may request the KIPO to adopt electronic priority documents.   read more 


New Guidelines for examination of Design Patents.

In April 2016, amended Guidelines for the substantive examination of design patents are applicable in Taiwan.   read more 


Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot Program.

Vietnam launched on April 1st a PPH pilot program with the Japan Patent Office applicable to Vietnamese patent applications (i) claiming priority to a Japanese application under the Paris Convention, (ii) PCT national stage entries in Vietnam of applications filed with the Japanese Patent Office without priority, as well as (iii) applications as indicated in (ii) which claim priority from a PCT application.   read more 


Issuance of new Guidelines for Computer-Implemented inventions.

On February 1st, 2016, the Australian Patent Office released the new guidelines for assessing whether computer-related inventions relate to patentable subject matter.   read more