BRAZIL: BRPTO implements new changes to accelerate patent decisions


BRPTO implements new changes to accelerate patent decisions

In a strategic move aimed at improving the efficiency of the patent system, the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BRPTO) has announced a significant procedural amendment designed to accelerate patent decisions.As from January 2024, patent applications pending substantive examination will be reorganized based on the date of request for examination rather than the filing date.

This strategic change is not just a procedural adjustment; it represents Brazil's alignment with international best practices. The decision is a direct response to the results of the Public Hearing on Subsidies No. 1 of 2023, underlining BRPTO's commitment to remain at the forefront of global patent standards.

The BRPTO believes that this measure will not only enhance the overall patent procedure but also empower innovators and, ultimately, contribute to a more dynamic and responsive Intellectual Property ecosystem in Brazil.

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