EUROPE: The European Patent Office (EPO) publishes the Patent Index 2023 report


The European Patent Office (EPO) publishes the Patent Index 2023 report

On March 19th, the European Patent Office (EPO) published the Patent Index 2023 report.

During 2023, patent filings at the EPO increased by 2,9%, reflecting a dynamic landscape of innovation, particularly in digital and green technologies. This growth underscores Europe's enduring appeal in the global technology market, as evidenced by remarkable increases in filings from China and Korea.

The EPO received a record-breaking 199.275 patent applications in 2023, indicating a rising focus on innovation to address global challenges, with advancements in digital and green technologies at the forefront.

Notably, European applicants remained consistent in their contributions, while the influx of applications from outside Europe highlights the continent's attractiveness to innovators worldwide.

Furthermore, a noteworthy portion of patent applications from Europe stemmed from individual inventors and small to medium-sized enterprises, underscoring diverse sources of innovation.

Eight of the top ten patent-active fields experienced growth, with notable increases in electrical machinery, apparatus, and energy (+12,2%), digital communication (+8,6%), and biotechnology (+5,9%).

These sectors are pivotal in shaping a more sustainable and interconnected world, with technologies like clean energy solutions and artificial intelligence driving innovation.

Digital technology fields, including artificial intelligence and battery technology, exhibited robust growth, while some areas in chemistry and mechanical engineering experienced stagnation or decline.

European applicants continued to show steady growth, with Germany leading the pack, while notable increases were observed from countries such as Finland, Spain, and the UK. Additionally, filings from China and Korea surged, reflecting the growing prominence of these regions in the global innovation landscape.

Over 104.600 patents were granted in 2023 – 17,5% of these patents requested the new Unitary Patent. European patentees were particularly keen, with 25,8% opting for the Unitary Patent, accounting for nearly two-thirds of all Unitary Patents.

The 2023 statistics underline the increasing global appeal of Europe's technology market. With a wide and diverse range of sectors experiencing growth and the introduction of the Unitary Patent, the EPO continues to play a pivotal role in promoting innovation and technological advancement.

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